Advantages and Features of Mediation Sessions as Arranged by a Divorce Attorney in Scranton PA

by | Jul 12, 2016 | Divorce Attorney

A Divorce Attorney Scranton PA can help a couple who do not want to take their issues before a judge but cannot come to an agreement on certain aspects of their marriage termination. They may have hit a metaphorical roadblock in regard to child custody, visitation, agreements on the children’s lifestyles, spousal support, division of assets or other subjects. Mediation services arranged by law firms give the spouses a chance to discuss and negotiate these types of matters in an objective environment. Doing so can help them see the other’s viewpoint better and allow them to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

At the start of mediation sessions, each spouse may be entirely committed to persuade the other to his or her way of thinking. That’s a common goal at the outset. As the talks continue, however, a negotiation process tends to develop. For example, one spouse may strongly feel that having the children raised in a religious school is important, while the other wants them to attend a secular school. They may find a way to compromise with the assistance of an impartial mediator, and even with a facilitator such as a counseling psychologist or social worker.

A possible compromise could involve the decision to enroll the kids in a public school but increasing their time in structured faith-based activities. If they are not already doing so, they might participate in Sunday school, a weekly Bible study or a youth group. The children might be able to attend a faith-based camp for a few weeks in the summertime or attend a vacation Bible school for one or two weeks. Both parents could agree to research other possible options and agree on those that are favorable to everyone.

A person who is facing divorce can benefit a great deal from mediation sessions arranged by a Divorce Attorney Scranton PA has available. Although the process is intended to be as amicable and collaborative as possible, each spouse still needs his or her own legal representation to prevent any conflicts of interest. A lawyer such as John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law is ready to assist.

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