The Advantages of Composite Wood decks

There are several advantages of Composite Wood Desks over natural wood decks that may help people decide on which to select. Composite materials have the look and texture of natural wood, but will not warp, crack, or splinter like real wood can. It is also available in many colors, designs, and patterns that will not require constant staining. Real wood is always used for the structural framing of decks, so the composite material will be used for the visible parts of the deck. Whether the deck will arrive factory made, or custom designed and installed, the composite materials will prove to be more durable than real wood.

The low maintenance required for Composite Wood Decks is another advantage over real wood. Natural wood of any kind will require staining every two years, and stripping and sanding every six years. That is a lot of work to be completed. If owners do the work themselves, they will be able to save on labor costs, but materials and tools can get expensive. Repairs may also be needed for cracking, damage, loose boards, and warping due to heavy rains, extreme cold, or over exposure to direct sunlight. Splintering and fading may also be a problem that will take time and money to fix. Composite materials can be cleaned with simple soap and water, will not fade, and will not require any staining, stripping, or sanding. Repairs are minimal, and are usually only needed to repair damage from accidents or natural disasters.

The initial cost for composite decks will be higher than getting a real wood deck built. Materials, which include vinyl, PVC, or other wood composites, are more expensive to purchase than real wood. The cost is offset by future savings in maintenance costs and repairs, so the overall costs for wood decks of any kind are just about equal. Having a composite deck installed makes sense if the property is located in a humid or cold climate, has very little shade, or if the owner would have to hire professionals to do all the maintenance on real wood. Experienced contractors, such as Jenks Fence, for example, can provide assistance in selecting which type of deck to select, as well as design and installation services for residential and commercial decks and patios. You can also follow them on Twitter.