A Quick Look at How Child Support Works

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Attorney

Helping children feel secure during a divorce is important to the stability of the family. This is true, no matter where the family lives. Child support provides for the basic needs of the child or children. The payment is designed to cover housing, utilities, food and clothing and other essentials. Medical care and day care expenses are also factored in. A good child support attorney in Hollywood, Florida, can help establish this.

In many US municipalities, child support is determined by the family court. There is a standard formula to determine who gets how much. The court cannot deviate from the established guidelines without appropriate justification. For some parents who are already under stress from the pending divorce, this can be difficult to understand. The formula takes into account the number of nights the children spend with each parent and also each parent’s income. Parents paying child support should remember it is not a deductible expense for federal tax purposes. A parent who receives child support will need to list it on tax forms on the appropriate lines.

Changing Child Support

Life is constantly changing, especially when children are growing up. With the help of a child support attorney in Hollywood, FL, parents can investigate making a change in child support based on a variety of circumstances. Some common changes include getting a raise or losing a job, unexpected medical expenses and a child wanting to spend more time with a particular parent. Because each family’s circumstances are unique, there are no hard and fast rules. This is why professional assistance is essential. Parents can find a wealth of qualified child support attorneys in Hollywood, FL.

Late or Non-Existent Payments

A child support agreement is legally enforceable. Issues with child support payments are handled through Florida’s Child Support Enforcement Program, which is administered by the Department of Revenue. The department can take a number of steps to encourage the payer to fulfill the obligation. Some of these include instructing employers to garnish the payer’s wages and placing a lien on a motor vehicle.

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