What Is a Protekt Mattress and Its Benefits?

There are a wide range of risks to people who are unable to leave a bed or spend most of their time laying in one. One of the most common risks has to do with skin irritation and breakdown. With updated and modernized solutions, including new mattress designs, it is possible to reduce at least some of this risk to the skin, improving overall wellbeing. One option is the Protekt mattress.

How Does It Work?

There are several versions of these mattresses available, and each one has different features. However, the basic Protekt mattress is designed to keep the skin from rubbing against the mattress. It has a gel-infused foam in place to do this. This gel helps to keep the surface cool to the touch and also provides even and constant redistribution of pressure, reducing the risk for skin breakdown.

They are also some of the more affordable options on the market for mattresses like this. For that reason, they are readily available to meet the needs of many people both in a healthcare facility and at home.

For those who spend a significant amount of time in bed dealing with complications for illness or injury, the use of a Protekt mattress may provide support and improvement. It can also help to minimize the risk of being uncomfortable and limited sleep quality. For some, they can also work to reduce infections, therefore helping to protect a person’s life while they are using this type of device.