4 Simple Signs You Need to Call for an AC Service

Shopping for an AC replacement can be an overload of tiresome, not to mention high costs. Early repairs can do a lot to make your units last longer though. Not sure what to look for? Here are simple signs to know if it’s time to hire an air conditioning service in Jacksonville FL:

Water leaks

Leaks can be caused by a clogged or disconnected drain line. If you suspect that’s the case, you’ll want to call in a pro to deal with the problem as soon as possible. Left unchecked, the leaks could seep into your walls and sides of the room and compromise the material. This could lead to long-term damage and even costlier remodeling expenses.

Faulty thermostat

Does the thermostat go on and off properly? A trained and experienced pro from a reputable air conditioning service in Jacksonville FL can check the system for you and tell you which part is problematic. Is it your condenser? Do you have a dirty fan? Maybe the issue is with your evaporator unit? Ask an expert over to determine the kind of repairs your system needs. The sooner you know and the sooner those repairs are done, the better for your unit.

Not cool enough

If the air doesn’t seem to be cool enough, even after you’ve set your thermostat settings on high, it might be time to replace your air filter. Clogged air filters result in poor airflow. However, other reasons might involve worn-out insulation, says Houselogic, and that’s something only experts can take care of.

Strange noises

Do you hear strange noises coming out from your AC unit whenever you use it? Those grinding or screeching noises could indicate faulty parts and components. Call for a professional to take your unit apart to determine the problem and the right solution for it.