Hearing Aids Can Vastly Improve The Way You Communicate

If you cannot hear people when you are talking with them, you need to have your hearing tested. Many people are shy about having this type of assessment performed. However, having an evaluation can be a life-changer, especially if you currently have troubles with communication.

Hearing aids come in various designs nowadays. Therefore, you can wear the devices and they will be hardly noticed. You can choose from wireless and digital models as well as aids that are almost invisible. You can also have the devices customized to accommodate your hearing needs.

Types of Hearing Evaluations

When you make an appointment with a hearing specialist, you want to visit a provider that offers a wide range of hearing tests and hearing products. For example, the audiologist you choose should offer the following kinds of hearing evaluations:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic hearing assessments

  • Otoscope equipment to check for middle ear infections or ear wax

  • Otoacoustic emissions testing

  • Middle ear testing and analysis

  • Auditory brainstem response testing, or ABR

ABR Testing

The ABR test uses a computer to check how the cochlea (or inner ear) and the brain’s pathway are functioning. This test is used if a hearing defect is suspected in a brain’s pathway. This test is often used for determining the hearing of children or adults who cannot complete a regular hearing assessment.

Needless to say, if you believe you have a need for hearing aids, testing is necessary. The ear itself is comprised of three sections. These sections include the outer ear, the middle ear, and the inner ear. Therefore, different hearing tests are performed to determine the following:

  • The degree of hearing loss

  • Why a patient has a hearing loss

  • The best treatment option

Reviewing the Results

After an evaluation, an audiologist will go over your test results. Usually, he or she will recommend the use of hearing devices. To find out more about the assessment process, contact Forest Hills Audiology. Make sure you are heard when it comes to your hearing needs. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.