The Importance of Professional Animal Control in Pasadena for Resolving and Preventing Mice Infestations

Although wild critters in the yard can be fun to watch, they are generally considered nuisance animals and can even be dangerous. Depending on the type of wildlife, they eat the landscaping, leaving waste droppings, spread disease and attack if they feel threatened. Many property owners prefer humane removal of the creatures if at all possible by a service for Animal Control in Pasadena.

Chronic Problems

A pest control service such as Accutech Pest Management is ready to help homeowners deal effectively with some of the smaller critters. Mice, for instance, are common invaders of houses and can make the residents enormously frustrated. One isolated incident can be handled by a live trap or a kill trap, but what about houses that are repeatedly attracting mice?

Sealing the Perimeter

Technicians providing Animal Control in Pasadena investigate the perimeter of the building and seal any areas where the creatures might be getting in. The smallest rodents can fit into thin cracks and holes the size of a dime. After technicians seal these flaws, mice may still live in the yard and in wooded areas around the property, but they will no longer be able to come inside.

Mice Bites

Mice are extremely unlikely to bite anyone unless they are picked up. As a rule, mice don’t carry rabies, so being bitten by one shouldn’t be terrifying. Nevertheless, a bite can still become infected without proper attention.

Mice Messes

There are other problems with these little pests. They leave droppings everywhere they go, which is unsanitary. If a mouse gets into a house while the residents are gone for a week on vacation, it can create a mess not only by leaving droppings but also by chewing up paper towels and toilet paper for a new nest.

Fleas and Tapeworms

Mice often have fleas which can turn into a bug infestation in the home. A dog or a cat that kills and eats mice can be vulnerable to tapeworm infections because tapeworm eggs grow inside fleas. Anyone trying to figure out how to get rid of mice in the home may visit a website like us and schedule an appointment.