4 Common Signs of Brake Problems Any Driver Should Know

Knowing if your brakes have gone bad is essential when you’re on the road. Read on for signs of common brake problems so you can tell if it’s time to go to an auto shop for brake repair in Beltline East of Preston TX.

Spongy brake pedal

This means there’s lost pressure in the braking system. This could be tied to a leak in your brake lines. That or there could be air bubbles in your brake lines that are compromising your car’s hydraulic pressure. While this can be resolved by bleeding the brakes, if you don’t know a thing on how to pull this off, best leave it to the experts. Don’t try to DIY a solution. Otherwise, you could end up with bigger problems.

Strange noises

If there are grinding, squealing or whining noises coming out of your car, this could be caused by too much friction in the gears, says NAPA Know How. This means your brake pads might already be worn through, and the sound you hear is grinding metal. You’ll want to get those replaced immediately. The longer you wait around, the more damage and wear is inflicted on parts of your braking system.


Does it feel like your car lurches to one side whenever you step on the brake pedal? That could indicate uneven wear on your brake linings. That or there are too many contaminants in your brake fluid already. You might need to get a brake adjustment or have your brake fluid replaced at an auto shop for brake repair in Beltline East of Preston TX.


If your pedal vibrates every time you step on it, this could be another sign that you’re dealing with warped rotors. Sudden stops contribute to faster wear and tear on the part. Tremendous friction due to severe braking for extended periods cause the rotors to warp.