Professional Pest Control in Spokane Ends Problems With a Variety of Bugs

Professional Pest Control in Spokane is helpful for eliminating problems with stinging insects, ants and roaches. It also is important for ridding a property of biting insects that include fleas, mosquitoes and hobo spiders. Homeowners sometimes attempt to deal with these problems on their own, but their efforts often are ineffective. In addition, since pest control usually requires the application of insecticide, it’s best to have the poison placed in a precisely targeted manner rather than spraying it haphazardly all over the place.

Expressing Concerns

When consulting with technicians providing professional Pest Control in Spokane, prospective customers will want to explain any concerns they have about insecticide application around the house, on the lawn, and on shrubs and trees. For instance, they may have kids and dogs that spend time in the yard. They may worry about the effects of pesticide on the wildlife they try to attract, including birds, squirrels and chipmunks.

When Chemicals Aren’t Needed

Sometimes applying chemicals turns out to be unnecessary. For instance, people who are frustrated with the amount of mosquito activity they deal with may learn they have problems with stagnant water around the yard and house. Those still areas of water are breeding grounds for these pesky critters.

Standing water can occur when rainfall accumulates in buckets, old tires, rain barrels and even children’s toys. Puddles also can develop in roof drainage gutters that have piles of organic debris or are sagging. Getting rid of all that water should dramatically reduce the problem.

About Poisonous Spiders

Mosquitoes can spread disease, but certain other pest problems tend to be considered more serious ones. Black widow spiders and hobo spiders that have taken up residence around the home should be destroyed, and a pest control technician from a company such as Spokane ProCare can also seek out places they have not been seen but could be hiding. Browse our website and read information about the various services offered.

Stinging Insects

Hornet and wasp nests should be demolished too, since they pose a significant risk of hurting people and pets when they sense a threat. They can be particularly aggressive in spring and fall.