8 Considerations Before You Pick a Wedding Officiant

Ambiance and atmosphere matter in a wedding. What better way to set the perfect one than to choose the right wedding officiant to perform the ceremony? Here are a few things you’ll want to factor in, then, before you choose one:


If you’re holding a wedding out of state, can your officiant make it to the wedding site? Make this easier by providing your officiant with transportation.


Many officiants request for a donation instead of a fee. Ask around so you’ll have a better idea how much the standard fee or donation is, The Knot says.


How many years has the officiant been performing ceremonies? Some couples want officiants with long years of solemnizing marriage vows. Others are fine with someone with less experience so long as they perform the ceremony right.


You might want to put in restrictions when you hire a wedding officiant, just in case. That way, your minister or officiant knows what topics or jokes are off-limits during the reception and even the reception.


Don’t bother hiring someone you don’t feel at ease or comfortable with. It’s your wedding day and you’ll want the event to be witnessed by friends and family. That also means includes choosing an officiant who puts you and your future spouse at ease.


Discuss the specifics of the wedding ceremony. Is it all right for the officiant if you write and speak your own vows? Some officiants are sticklers for the old way of doing things and might not allow any deviations or changes. Make sure you talk these out with any potential officiant so you’ll know which one is a good fit for the kind of ceremony you have in mind.


Some officiants are too busy that they might not be available for a rehearsal. Decide on whether that’s a deal-breaker or not before you choose one.