3 Tips to Make International Travel Easier for Seniors

Staying safe while on vacation should be a high priority for all of us. If you’re traveling with seniors, heeding a few tips can make all the difference.

Travel with care and caution

For a number of senior international travelers, traveling judiciously is one way to prevent injuries while you’re in transit or on vacation, says a Place for Mom. Make sure mom and dad have their seatbelts fastened and secure in place. Day travel, as opposed to night flights, makes access to other necessary transportation options more available.

Get professional help

If your parents have medical conditions, it would be best to hire an international medical escort to look after them on the flight, even if you’re going with them. Taking care of two seniors can entail a lot of details—from ensuring their medication is taken on time to arranging ground transportation to taking care of the luggage. By knowing your parents are well taken care of, you can focus on other aspects of the trip with ease and fewer worries.

Go for a convenient solution

Hiring an international medical escort means you can look forward to a great deal of convenience and much-needed peace of mind. You can finally send your parents on a flight alone without worrying that they’ll be confused, scared and lost during the trip. By hiring an escort, you will have confidence as to their care on the trip. You can arrive at the airport, ready to receive them in a great frame of mind. This is especially ideal if you’re bringing them home to better care for them or to place them in a facility near you. The help of a professional, caring, medically trained escort will make the trip stress-free and allow you to concentrate on the arrangements needed to complete the transition.