When To Hire A Professional AC Technician In Sparks Nevada

by | Aug 17, 2017 | Air Conditioning

An AC unit is designed to keep a home cool by providing a continuous stream of cold and humidity free air. Most systems will operate for years without requiring maintenance, but there are times when issues arise and require the expertise of a professional who is certified in HVAC repair.

One of the worst things a homeowner can do is attempt to conduct repair on AC Sparks on their own, as it can lead to further damage and increased expenses in the future. Here are three projects that should be left to a professional.

Low Coolant Levels

An air conditioner uses a refrigerant liquid to help reduce the temperature of the air and provide a comfortable interior environment. If the liquid level in a compressor becomes low, it can cause a compressor to seize or cause a system to stop functioning. A technician will be able to look for the presence of leaks and replace the coolant liquid to ensure a system is ready to operate all summer long.

Cooling System Relocation

Some homeowners choose to move their HVAC system during a remodeling project, and while it may seem easy, it shouldn’t be tackled without the proper knowledge and tools. In addition to ensuring proper connections between the equipment, it is also important that the installation meets any local code requirements. A professional that provides repair on AC Sparks will be able to move the system and ensure it is up to code and operating properly.

Compressor Replacement

The most common component that is likely to stop functioning is a compressor. Some homeowners think that installing a new unit themselves will save money and be an easy project. This isn’t true, as replacing a compressor requires soldering and knowledge on how to properly connect a system and restore refrigerant levels. If the job isn’t completed correctly, it can cause the new compressor to fail and lead to wasted money.

A certified HVAC technician can make the process of maintaining an HVAC unit easy and worry free. The team at Paschall Plumbing and Heating offer fast service and affordable prices and can keep any home comfortable all year long. Visit Paschallplus.com to learn more and call today to schedule a repair appointment.

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