Getting Car Break Repair in White Bear Lake MN

When a motorist has difficulty stopping their vehicle, they will most likely take it to a repair shop to have an evaluation done. Before a trip to a service that does Car Break Repair in White Bear Lake MN can be taken, steps will need to be followed to get the vehicle to stop. Here are some tips that can be used when a vehicle’s brakes seem to be in a non-working condition.

Apply And Release Pressure On The Pedal

If a vehicle does not slow or stop when pushing down on a brake pedal, it is best to pump the pedal in an attempt to get the brakes to work as they should. Sometimes a bubble of air can block brake fluid from going through the lines. This would hinder the stopping process. The pumping action will help in dislodging the air so the fluid will flow through the lines toward the brakes once again.

Use An Emergency Brake To Come To A Stop

If standard brakes are not working properly, the vehicle’s back-up braking system can be tried to get the vehicle to stop. All vehicles come equipped with an emergency braking system. This is engaged with the pulling of a lever, which is usually located somewhere on the vehicle’s dashboard or in the middle console area. It is important to pull the level firmly, yet slowly, so the vehicle does not jerk as it comes to a stop.

Try Shifting To A Lower Gear To Slow Down

Shifting from the drive mode to the low one or two function can be beneficial in slowing a vehicle. The transmission will do its job in slowing the vehicle as the gears are changed. This can be helpful when on a hill, allowing the driver to get the vehicle to stop driving at a dangerous speed.

When there is a need to contact a service that does car break repair in White Bear Lake MN, consider calling American Imports. An evaluation will be done to determine the cause of the problem and the vehicle will be repaired at a competitive rate.