3 Tips for First-Time RV Campers

While RV camping is entirely different than camping in a tent, tackling the Great Outdoors with your RV has plenty of challenges of its own. Living in an RV in an unfamiliar environment may be slightly more luxurious than tent-camping, but camping on its own can be difficult for those who are new to this specific kind of outdoors vacation. For this reason, driving your RV to one of the beautiful Oklahoma City RV parks may be a great way for a beginner camper to acclimate to living outdoors, more minimally.

Understandably, you may be nervous—what should you bring to eat? What should you pack? How will you deal with unpredictable weather patterns? The following tips are a great place to start if you’re concerned about your first time experiencing the joys and trials of RV camping.

  1. One of the most advantageous things about RVs is that they allow you more spacious storage to pack all those things you might need. Since you have space, use it! Pack for all kinds of weather, bring extra clothes for layering, and don’t forget those rain boots.
  2. TripSavvy suggests familiarizing yourself with both your RV and your equipment before you leave. That includes practicing your ability to drive your RV in reverse! Yes, it’s harder than it looks, and you may have to park in a small space at some Oklahoma City RV parks.
  3. Plan your meals! This includes preparing at least one meal in advance so that you can have something to make easily in the event you’re too exhausted from the day’s activities to return to your RV to cook. Don’t forget details like spices and condiments, and bring paper goods and utensils, too!

The best way to learn is by doing, so don’t expect your first RV camping trip to go perfectly. Learn lessons and apply them to your next time outdoors. Also, embrace the uncertainty and spontaneity of camping when things don’t go your way, because that’s the most fun part of all.