4 Ways to Keep Your HVAC System in Top Form

Want to keep your HVAC system in excellent working condition? Here’s an HVAC maintenance checklist to help you:

Pay for routine maintenance

Engaging the services of a licensed and experienced technician to inspect your system and look it over every fall and spring is a good idea. They can perform minor repairs or just carry out cleaning tasks that help keep the wiring and mechanisms of your unit clean. This helps ensure your HVAC’s components and systems work without a hitch.

Replace your filters

Know when it’s time to toss your old filters. Clogged or worn-out filters aren’t going to do much good and often lead to poor airflow. A lot of homeowners then make the mistake of turning cranking the settings up, forcing the unit to work harder. By keeping your air filters clean, your unit can perform longer and better, says Houselogic.

Clear the dust and debris

HVAC maintenance isn’t complete without clearing the area around the system’s compressor unit clear of any dust, debris and plants. Leave at least 2 feet of space around those units clear. That’s going to make it easier for air to get into your system.

Hire pros

While there are plenty of DIY tutorials and videos online that provide information for easy system fixes, it’s often better to put in a call to expert technicians. It’s not often easy to get a gauge on how complex or simple an issue is. A pro, though, will know right away what kind of problem it is and to take steps to ensure it doesn’t get worse. That’s going to be way out of your league. You could end up making mistakes that could deal irreversible damage to the unit. It’s easy enough to prevent all that by hiring a professional technician to replace or repair anything.