3 Reasons to Keep Your Auto Insurance Policy From Lapsing

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Web Listingz

Although the economy is on an upswing, money is still tight for many people. Even when you’re strapped for cash, though, it’s still important to pay for your auto insurance Illinois. Below, you’ll learn three reasons not to allow your auto insurance policy to lapse.

It’s Against the Law

When you’re a vehicle owner, you have to maintain at least the state’s minimum level of auto insurance. For instance, liability insurance pays for damage caused in a car accident. If you’re stopped by the police and you don’t have insurance, you may get a ticket and have to pay court fees and a higher insurance premium. Simply put, allowing your insurance to lapse will only worsen your financial situation.

Lenders Require It

Many drivers finance their vehicles instead of buying them outright. Most finance agreements require the maintenance of full coverage, which includes collision, liability, and comprehensive insurance. This type of policy protects you and your lender.

There May Be an Accident

Statistically, distracted drivers are more common than ever before. People drive and have phone conversations, respond to texts, and change the channel on the radio. All of these actions take one’s attention away from the road, and at any moment, an accident may occur. If a distracted driving accident happens and you don’t have auto insurance Illinois, you’re on the hook for the repairs. Furthermore, if you’re the victim, an accident without insurance is still a big hassle. After a collision, a settlement may take months, leaving you without a vehicle all that time.

Get Covered Today, Don’t Delay!

There are many reasons not to drive without auto insurance Illinois, from obeying the law to protecting your financial interests. To ensure that you have the right amount of coverage, call us at Accurate Auto Insurance or visit our website at Accurateautoins.com today.

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