3 Mistakes Men Make in Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process even under the best of circumstances. When faced with such an emotional challenge, it’s no surprise that people make mistakes. What are the three most common mistakes men make in divorce?

1. Hiding Assets

One of the primary mistakes men make in divorce is hiding assets from their ex-wife and her attorney. As tempting as it might be to hide an asset to protect it, you’re better off being upfront. You could end up in a worse situation by trying to hide something.

Keep in mind, your divorce is all about negotiating. Just because things seem bad or don’t seem fair at first, divorce is a process. Your attorney can help you negotiate the best possible outcome.

2. Don’t Burn Bridges

Divorce is an emotionally charged situation. It’s easy to understand why someone would want to burn their bridges. It’s also tempting to take out your frustration on people other than the one responsible for the end of your marriage.

One of the most common mistakes men make in divorce is to lash out in anger, either at their ex’s, their ex’s attorney, their own attorney, or other people in their lives. If you’re having trouble controlling your emotions, it helps to speak to someone.

3. Don’t Give Up

Don’t give up your legal rights by settling prematurely. It can be tempting to give in to your ex’s demands just to keep the peace. You might assume that if you give her what she wants at first that you’ll be in a better position to negotiate later. The opposite is actually true. What you do in the early days or your separation sets the precedent for what is to come. The best thing you can do is contact an attorney immediately and rely on his or her advice right from the beginning.