3 Things to Look for in Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Denver Colorado

When you’re ready to take any steps for addiction recovery, the next step is finding a treatment program that’s right for your specific situation and needs. There are many different drug and alcohol treatment centers in Denver, Colorado. How do you know which one is right for you?

1. The Program is Effective

There are many forms of treatment out there. It’s important to know that what you choose is proven effective and backed by research.

Look for drug and alcohol treatment centers in Denver, Colorado that use evidence-based practices backed by research and clinical studies. This includes medication-assisted treatment (MAT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and contingency management (CM). Research also shows that extended care programs that include aftercare as part of the treatment plan, such as sober living homes or therapeutic communities, can be very effective in providing long-term recovery support.

2. The Program is Credentialed

There are different types of treatment centers:

  • Inpatient vs Outpatient
  • Residential vs. Non-residential
  • Detox Facilities

Each type of treatment center has different requirements for staff credentials and accreditation. Credentialed and experienced professionals can help provide a solid foundation for recovery and contribute to the positive outcome of treatment.

3. Insurance Coverage

As the cost of addiction treatment continues to be on the rise, it’s important to find a program that works within your budget while still offering the highest quality of care. Research shows that the cost of treatment is one of the biggest barriers for people looking for help.

Insurance coverage can be helpful when it comes to covering some or all of the cost, so look at insurance coverage as you research your options. The Affordable Care Act requires most insurance plans to cover substance use disorder services, but is limited to those services that are considered “medically necessary.” If you aren’t sure if you can afford treatment, reach out to drug and alcohol treatment centers in Denver, Colorado to discuss your financial options.