Is There a Difference In Dentists?

A cosmetic dentist is a family dentist that has taken additional training in cosmetic dental procedures. There are many definitive specialties within the dental profession including orthodontics, periodontal, oral surgery; family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are all part of the profession. A cosmetic dentist in Fairfield CT is a dental professional who deals with tooth restoration all designed to improve the looks of the teeth and enhance the patients smile whereas a family dentist deals with the care of the teeth of every member of the family from youngsters to seniors; both cosmetic and family dentistry deal with the over-all dental health of the patient.

A family dentist is primarily focused on the care of a patient’s teeth and gums with the emphasis on preventative care. A family dentist has the necessary skills to diagnose and treat many common dental problems including restorative care, periodic exams and professional cleanings. The family dentist restores teeth with fillings, performs dental implants and fits crowns among other procedures. As the term implies, a family dentist works with all age groups although there are some that tend to deal more with one group of patients rather than another, perhaps elder care or pediatric care but not both. The family dentist is on the front line when it comes to encouraging and teaching patients to actively participate in good oral hygiene practices.

A cosmetic dentist in Fairfield CT on the other hand is more concerned with and involved in the appearance of a patient and somewhat less involved in prevention. In many cases a family dentist will have the necessary skills to perform some cosmetic work but not all. There are a number of cosmetic procedures commonly available, these include teeth whitening or bleaching, bonding, the application of veneers, crowns as well as tooth contouring and reshaping. Many cosmetic dentists include dental implants amongst the procedures they offer. In general a cosmetic dentist does not offer oral surgery or fit orthodontic appliances; these procedures are carried out by other dentists trained in these unique dental fields. Although a cosmetic dentist rarely fits braces they often offer invisible teeth aligners which work somewhat similar, both metal braces and invisible aligners straighten crooked teeth.

It is not rare to find a family dentist who combines the skills and offers both preventative and restorative care as well as cosmetic care. Rarely if ever will a dentist perform cosmetic procedures on young children although they often are called upon to repair a chipped or broken tooth, cosmetic dentistry is more or less targeting adolescents and adults.