3 Major Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Lubbock TX

If customers need to put their belongings into storage, they have an important decision to make. While some customers put things into a regular unit that’s susceptible to the damage caused by changing weather, others pay slightly more for climate-controlled storage units in Lubbock TX. Below are several benefits of climate-controlled storage for household belongings.

Customers’ Belongings are Protected From High and Low Temperatures

One of the biggest benefits to climate-controlled storage is that the customer’s belongings are protected from extreme temperatures. Excessively cold or hot air can cause damage to leather and wood furniture, stored wine bottles and photographs. Climate-controlled units are kept at the same temperature year round, and these delicate items are kept at a temperature similar to that found in the average home.

Climate-Controlled Units Offer Humidity Protection

If someone lives in an area with high humidity, Climate-Controlled Storage Units in Lubbock TX can be very beneficial. Humidity is airborne moisture, and stored items such as clothing and furniture can quickly absorb it. Moisture absorption can cause mildew or mold to form on items, discoloring fabrics and causing other damage. Items should emerge from storage in the same condition as they were on the way in, and climate-controlled units allow it to happen. When customers choose these storage units, they are assured that their belongings will be well taken care of.

Better Air Quality

The final benefit to climate-controlled storage is that it typically comes with better air quality. Climate-controlled units are always indoors, and the air is circulated to keep temperatures relatively constant. This means that there’s not as much debris, dirt and dust in the air, which can damage a customer’s belongings.

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