Hiring To Complete Volusion To Magento Migration

It is not uncommon for an eCommerce business to make a move from the Volusion platform to the Magento. While both platforms are solid, dependable and reliable options, Magento is considered the better choice for specific situations.

One of those situations and perhaps the most common reasons for a Volusion for Magento migration is an eCommerce site that is growing in size. The ability of the Magento platform to handle the very large sites with thousands of products and high levels of user integration is one of the reasons this is the platform selected by companies such as Samsung, Nike, Ford, and Coca-Cola.

Expert Support

There are differences between the two platforms, with many describing Magento as having a very steep learning curve compared to the other eCommerce platforms, including Volusion.

Unless the in-house team is experienced in working with Magento, and more specifically with Volusion to Magento migration, hiring a company that specializes in this type of migration will be critical.

Not only will this speed up the transition process, but it will also eliminate many of the glitches and challenges that can easily occur when someone not familiar with the specifics of both platforms attempts the migration.

The Process

Part of the expertise that these eCommerce web design and software companies offer is an understanding of the structure and process of the Volusion to Magento migration. By completing the process in the correct sequence and with the upgrades and attributes required, there will be no loss of functioning, data, categories, customer IDs and old orders and, of course, all images.

In some cases, there may be attributes or features of the new Magento platform that may be an ideal option for your site. The professional design team can discuss these with you in advance, adding the new features to the site at the time of the transition.