Live a Life of Luxury in Hollywood

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Real Estate

Have you ever wanted to live in Hollywood? Does it sound exciting and vibrant being in the heart of Columbia Square? There are residences available that are unfurnished and furnished, providing you with luxurious apartments for rent in Hollywood. You can live in your very own custom-designed apartment that has been designed by international style icons such as Kelly Wearstler. Submerge your life with Hollywood glamour that includes uncompromising service from a boutique hotel atmosphere.

Enjoy Panoramic Ocean and City Views

A Hollywood rental apartment gives you the perfect opportunity to enjoy ocean and panoramic city views. Just imagine being able to entertain and live where you can enjoy such perfect views. However, it is about more than just the views, the amenities include concierge services that will make you feel pampered and cared for. Would you enjoy spending time at a rooftop pool deck with a bar and restaurant? When you choose to live in the heart of Columbia Square you will also be able to enjoy being near some of Hollywood’s newest office, dining and entertainment establishments. The atmosphere is reimagined and is closely related to the historic site of CBS studios.

Thrive in Luxurious Hollywood Apartments

Do the words ‘at your service ’bring a smile to your face? That’s exactly how proper concierge services will make you feel, happy and well taken care of. You will enjoy the services provided by local experts that are dedicated to delivering 24/7 service to all guests and residents. Today’s concierge services are a modern version of elite concierge services meant to please the most demanding guests. It’s more than just a single person answering questions behind the desk. Proper concierge services create intimate connections with an escalating network of lifestyle experts and hospitality companies that are world-class. Consider the concierge services to be your ticket to get past gatekeepers in town.

Connect to Hollywood’s Thriving Social and Cultural Scene

When you live in Hollywood Proper Residences you also want to be able to connect to the thriving cultural and social scene. Choosing to rent a Hollywood apartment from the right establishment can also give you access to members only perks. You will gain access to priority dining at local chef’s hot spots, get exclusive spa reservations, and enjoy preferred rates for hotel accommodations and amenities. Essentially you will be tapped into the Hollywood neighborhood with all the perks.

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