2 Steps to Take Next When Your Child Has Been Injured from a Fall in MN

Did your child injure themselves while enjoying a day with you at your local park? Have they sprained their ankle and have a few cuts because of a fall? Are you now wondering what to do to help your child? If you answered yes, then here are two steps to take next.

Clean and Stabilize

One of the first steps you should consider taking is to clean your child’s cuts while stabilizing their sprained ankle. This means to use clean water to wash away debris from the wounds then use alcohol wipes or sanitizer to prevent infection. Stabilize the sprained ankle by using a piece of cloth to limit mobility to prevent further injury.

Seek Professional Treatment

Another step you should take next is to seek professional healthcare treatment right away. A pediatrician will diagnose and provide the best treatment possible for a quick recovery. Choose a pediatrician that is nearest to your location for immediate care.

Top-Quality Pediatric Care

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