Do You Need a Dental Crown In Charleston SC?

A dental crown is one of the most common and well-known restorations that dentists perform. There are thousands of people around the country who are suffering in silence from one or more teeth that many be damaged or beyond normal dental treatments. In these cases, a crown may be the best way forward for their health and their social situation.

Why Has a Crown Installed?

Our teeth have to do an awful lot of work. In many cases, teeth may become damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Cracks and chips caused by impact trauma, such as a sporting injury
  • Decay due to poor dental cleanliness
  • Root canal treatment that has left the tooth fragile and vulnerable to further damage
  • Yellowing stained teeth due to food, smoking, disease, or genetics
  • Tooth decay due to pregnancy

For people in this situation, damaged teeth may cause them pain and discomfort physically, but may also be an emotional burden. The person may feel embarrassed, and may even avoid social situations. The good news is that professional dental services can install a dental crown over one or more teeth. Visit here for more details.

How Can a Crown Help?

Having a dental crown in Charleston, SC installed by a dentist in a clinic like the Solomon Family Dentistry means that a person may finally be able to feel like themselves again. A crown can protect a fragile tooth, and can also cover stained teeth.

Furthermore, a crown will be made to suit existing teeth. It will be professionally made and color-matched so that no-one will be able to tell the difference between the crown itself and the rest of the teeth. In this sense, no one needs to suffer in silence any long with painful, cracked, stained, or missing teeth.