Youthful look with a Mommy Makeover in Orange County

For the lady that desires a more youthful appearance the mommy makeover in Orange County is the procedure they should have. This type of appearance correction can undo the damage that a pregnancy inflicts on a lady’s body. This plastic surgical procedure should only be done on women who have completed their family and are looking to go through no more pregnancies.

Three main parts to a mommy makeover in Orange County

Breast enhancement

To help repair the damage to the breast, there is the breast enhancement procedure that can restore the breast back the shape and size before the pregnancy. There is also the option to enlarge the breasts easily since the skin has already been stretched. If larger breasts were ever been desired, this is the best time to accomplish that goal when you are having a mommy makeover in Orange County.

If the pre-pregnancy size is what you are looking for, then small section of the lose skin can be removed to make the breast skin taunt again similar to your younger days before the family was created.

Tummy tuck

The tummy tuck is the part of the Mommy makeover in Orange County that women are ready for after the children are born. This is the cosmetic surgical procedure most women are looking for to bring back that tight and fit abdominal area often shown off when wearing a bathing suit.

Unaware to most mothers, this is the procedure that not only enhances the appearance of the lady, but also repairs the muscles that could have been damaged by carrying the child to term. In some instances the muscles become separated or in a worst case scenario torn. This is the time to have the damage repaired so full movement of the torso is possible without pain.


The third major component of the mommy makeover in Orange County is the removal of unwanted cellulite or fat cells with the liposuction procedure. This can be in the abdomen area, buttocks and or legs. Wherever there is unwanted fat, the use of liposuction can remove it. In areas where large amount of cellulite are removed, it might become necessary to remove some of the excessive skin like in the tummy tuck procedure.

Other Items that can be Addressed with the Mommy Makeover Procedure

If you are seeking the removal of stretch marks in the areas where fat accumulated during the pregnancy, many of them can be addressed. The stretch marks in the breast area can in most instances be removed during the breast augmentation procedure. The stretch marks in the abdominal region can be taken out when the excessive skin is removed in the tummy tuck.

If stretch marks are on the legs or arms are to be removed, the extra skin will have to be removed.

What should be remembered is that with the removal of skin required an incision. The larger the area of skin that has to be removed the longer the incision that must be made for the stretch mark to be removed. With each incision made during the cosmetic surgery, the longer the recovery time will be.

On average the recovery time for most ladies is 2 to 3 weeks in duration. During that time period there should be no heavy lifting of any kind or strenuous exercise. The more you lie down and relax, the faster you will heal while reducing the chances of the incisions being accidently opened. This is the time to pamper yourself.

For the new mothers this means hiring a nanny to take care of the infant. 3 weeks after the mommy makeover in Orange County is when you can slowly begin to return to normal activity.

If you are ready for a youthful look and feel for yourself, now is the time to make an appointment so call today.

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