Actual Eye Experts in Green Bay WI

The term expert is often interchanged with experience, which is inaccurate. A professional who has been practicing for many years is experienced, yet may not be an expert. An expert focuses on one or two components of industry and learns all there is to know about the topic(s). Experts are typically recognized nationally or globally and are consulted on many occasions. Some teach some engage in public speaking, and some continue to practice.

The Eyes

Renowned Eye Experts in Green Bay WI focus on eye surgery for common and degenerative diseases and conditions. Cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and diabetic eye disease are a few examples of surgeries skillfully conducted at the practice. Monitoring conditions, advising patients regarding what to expect as their conditions worsen, and determining when surgery is appropriate are important details in treating conditions of the eye.

Cataracts, for example, should not be removed until they are a certain thickness. Removing them too soon will mean a second surgery shortly after the first. Cataracts develop at different stages and will quickly grow back if surgery is completed at early stages of growth. In many cases, glaucoma can be controlled with prescription eye drops. Some patients with glaucoma will not ever need surgery, but the condition does have to be monitored frequently to make that determination.


The progression of some conditions can be drastically altered by behavior. Diabetic eye disease is a perfect example. Patients who exercise, watch sugar intake, and manage to consistently control the diabetes may never experience vision problems, or can slow the progression of the disease once it is discovered. This is why diabetics have to have their eyes dilated and tested every year. Eye experts in Green Bay WI can assist patients in understanding any progressive eye problems and educate them regarding care and control.

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Whether in possession of a new corrective lens prescription or seeking a new style, the in-house optical department provides convenient and full services. Sunglasses, repairs, and making the switch from glasses to contact lenses are also available.