Your Car’s Transmission Explained

For many, simply hearing the word “transmission” probably results in anxiety and a plethora of automobile concerns. Most car owners know that their vehicle’s transmission can mean a costly repair when it fails, but what exactly is transmission, why is it so important, and when should you seek transmission repair in Lewisville?

The Basics

Despite the importance of a vehicle’s transmission, a surprising number of pe­­­ople don’t understand its essential operations. Without a properly functioning transmission, a car will be unable to obtain maximum performance and fuel efficiency. A failure of transmission can be particularly devastating for those who rely on their car for regular transportation to their places of employment or other crucial, daily functions.

How It Works

Your car’s transmission is responsible for acceleration and deceleration, as well as changes in torque (force of rotation). The amount of torque your vehicle is capable of producing relies entirely on rotational speed, which is dependent on a transmission to covert energy created by the engine into propulsion power. Whenever you change gear, you are influencing your engine’s input via a variety of factors all controlled by the transmission—your car’s computer system and hydraulic apparatus are only a couple of key components.

Transmission Variations

The presence of automatic and manual transmissions has dominated until recent years, when other variations such as dual-clutch transmission have made their presence known by combining characteristics of both automatic and manual transmission. While automatic transmission is the most popular, many drivers prefer manual transmission. If you know how to drive “clutch,” then you’re more familiar with the mechanics of manual transmission than you think.

Why Me?

For those who commute into Dallas and Fort Worth from North Texas suburbs, their cars’ transmission ensures timely arrival to work and a stress-free return home. The next time you’re hoping to improve your commute or if you’re concerned about your car’s general performance, consider transmission repair in Lewisville at City Garage.