Evaluating Outdoor Team Building Games: A Guide For Professional Development Planners

The role of planning professional development activities may fall to different positions within a company. These can include the CXO, the HR head or the heads of different departments, but it is always a challenge. How do you evaluate what the training will offer? Will it provide the employees with the specific objectives you wish to obtain and will it be of value?

When considering these important questions, there are several factors to evaluate the various options. Ideally, look for an engaging and entertaining activity that builds on the desired objectives and creates enthusiasm and something out of the ordinary.

A top example of this type of training includes outdoor team building games. With this training option, the staff can get out of the office and focus on the goals of the training in a unique environment that leads to collaboration, communication and developing a greater understanding of the talents, skills, and abilities of the team in unique situations.

Collaboration and Communication Building Activities

With space and the freedom offered in outdoor team building games, there is no need to think small for activities. Collaboration and communication are developed through creativity and problem solving as teams work to create a giant puppet and then learn to work together to bring the puppet to life.

Competition and Collaboration Games

Having teams work collaborative within the team but also compete with other groups forms some of the most enlightening outdoor team building games. The games themselves will be local games, but with different rules that change the team dynamic and pose challenges that include increased collaboration to be able to win. While athletics is involved, it is the strategy and the planning that plays a central role in these highly interactive games.

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