You May Need Legal Help With Filing For Disability Benefits in Kent County

It is every American citizen’s right to file for disability benefits if they can no longer work due to a permanent physical or mental disability. Although the process of filing is meant to be a straightforward process, people are often confused and find themselves dealing with delay after delay in the process. When one is filing for Disability Benefits in Kent County, it is important they seek the help of a lawyer if things are not going as they expected. Whether one needs help through the entire process or has been unfairly denied, a lawyer can make a difference.

If a person is unfairly denied their benefits, it is important they act quickly and hire a lawyer to help them. A lawyer can help a person appeal the decision they were given so they can be offered a hearing before an administrative law judge. It is important one is represented by a lawyer when they go for this hearing, or they could end up with an unfavorable outcome since most people do not know how to properly prepare themselves for these processes.

A lawyer will help a person gather their medical bills and the information needed from their personal physicians. Most states require a disabled person to provide evidence from at least two medical doctors, to state they are fully and permanently disabled. A lawyer will help prepare a client for the questions they will be asked at the hearing and may talk with medical doctors to have them testify at the hearing.

Although the process of being approved for Disability Benefits in Kent County can take time, an applicant will receive back payment once they have been approved. This is first given in a lump sum payment, and then the regularly scheduled monthly payments begin.

If you are facing filing for disability and feel you need help with the process, or you have been unfairly denied, a lawyer can help. Contact Bleakley Law Offices P C and ask them to schedule your consultation appointment so you can learn about your legal options for pursuing a disability claim. They will help you through every step.