How A Funny Motivational Speaker Can Boost Emotional Health

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Business

Organizations everywhere focus on overhead, costs, revenue and more. However, they may neglect their employee’s emotional health when they don’t give them a break and allow them to be humored. Whether it’s during an emotionally significant change at the company or because the holiday season is a time full of overwhelming projects, a funny motivational speaker can be brought in to improve emotional health for everyone in the company.

Distance Pain/Build Perspective

Employees may be stressed because of daily activities or something that happened outside of work. The point is that when they’re upset, it shows in all aspects of their job. They may not be as productive as they once were or may snap at coworkers and customers. They may not provide the best service or be on top of their game.  A funny motivational speaker creates emotional distance from the problem at hand, which allows people to be resilient and flexible, instead of attached to the result or the problem. Likewise, they can see situations in a different light.

Boost Moods And Let Go

Laughter has been proven to improve your mood instantly because it is physically impossible to be sad, stressed out or angry when laughing. While some speakers may not provide the gut-busting laughter, employees can still benefit by letting go of their negativity. They can do that by finding the humor in a bad situation.

Build Rapport And Focus

Laughing can increase blood flow to the brain and all other areas of the body, which can lead to more production and better focus. Likewise, laughter can help people listen better, which means the speaker and the audience are synchronized. When people laugh together, they create bonds that lead to a more positive environment.

Tie Into Your Points

The funny motivational speaker you choose will focus on the points you hope to convey, all while adding humor into the mix.

Doug Dvorak is a funny motivational speaker and Certified Speaking Professional, CSP. Visit website for more information.

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