You Can Get Your Medical Prescriptions Online!

Every one finds themselves in a bind occasionally when it comes to keeping up with their necessary prescriptions, luckily you can get your prescriptions online.  There are times when you realize that you are out of meds when your primary care doctor is not available. This can be very detrimental to your health especially if you are taking medication to manage a health condition. The old way of dealing with a prescription refill was to either go without (not an option) or go to the ER and ask for help!

The New Way

What if you did not have to run out to the ER or wait until your doctor came back in? What if you could get prescriptions online through a certified physician? Today, you can. You can get the prescriptions that you need from a doctor without ever having to leave home, except to pick up your prescription. This convenient service is a great solution for the times that your primary care doctor is not available!

Some Caveats

While there is a wide range of medications that can be prescribed using a virtual doctors visit, there are some medications that cannot which include:

  *  Opioids
  *  Other pain management medication
  *  Controlled substances

Some of the common medications that can be refilled after you fill in a health history and meet with the virtual doctor include:

  *  Diabetes control medications
  *  Hypertension
  *  Antibiotics
  *  Anti-inflammatory meds
  *  Cold/flu medication
  *  Other medication that has been historically prescribed for you as long it is NOT considered a controlled substance

How it Works

A virtual doctor is a licensed physician that will review your self-reported health history before prescribing medication. There is an affordable fee involved with the process but the convenience is well-worth the small fee. You can learn more about the prescription policies and sign up to meet with a virtual doc on MDProactive at Website Url  Follow us on twitter.