Winterize Your Golf Cart Batteries in Detroit

Golf carts are critical to golf course operations. Keep them in good condition over the winter months and be ready for spring’s opening day. By preparing them for the off-season, you’ll save time and money by reducing the chances the batteries will be dead come spring and you’ll need to pay to replace them.

Golf Cart Batteries in Winter

Golf course staff may need to winterize golf cart batteries; Detroit winters can be tough. It turns out, the electrolytes in the batteries can freeze if they’re not properly cared for. Keep the batteries clean and check for damage before putting them away for the winter. Lower temperatures decrease the rate of discharge so don’t worry about the storage area not being heated. Batteries can stay in the cart but make sure they’re charged to reduce the chances of freezing. If you plan on removing them, keep them off the ground if possible.

Basic Winterizing Steps

Basic preparation for winter weather includes battery maintenance activities like making sure water levels are where they’re supposed to be. Some models provide a way of topping them off with distilled water if needed. Visually inspect the batteries for physical integrity and cleanliness and check all connections. Monitor the charge regularly and re-charge them if needed. If you do realize battery performance isn’t where it should be, your regular monitoring allows you enough time to replace any poor performing batteries before the golf season opens. After all, golf cart batteries in Detroit should be in tip-top shape on opening day.

Hold onto Your Customers

Communities often have more than one golf course like the Detroit Golf Club and Rouge Park Golf Course. There are usually a mix of public and private facilities. Many golfers have a favorite. Don’t give them a reason to find a new golf course because your golf carts aren’t ready for opening day because of bad batteries. They’re as critical to your business as buckets of golf balls and greens fees. Take care of your golf cart batteries in Detroit, and they’ll take care of you.