Why You Need An Experienced Tampa Truck Accident Attorney

A vehicle accident is a traumatic and very serious event in anyone’s life, even if there are no life-threatening or serious injuries and only minor damage to the car. Unfortunately, when big trucks are involved in these wrecks the results are often devastating with vehicles totaled, severe injuries and a much higher risk of death.

The sheer size, weight and power of the big rig is the cause of the significant damage in these types of accidents. Determining who is at fault, how the accident occurred and even who is part of the lawsuit is all part of the job of a truck accident attorney.

Responsible Parties and Cause

When commercial trucks are involved in these types of accidents, it can be challenging to know the parties to name to the suit. It is possible that the Tampa company owning the truck, the driver, the maintenance company or even the part manufacturer may all be considered to be negligent in the case.

In addition to finding the parties to the case, the truck accident attorney will also work to determine the cause of the accident. The driver may have a history of driving offenses or accidents, may have been distracted or may even have been using drugs or alcohol. It is also common for these accidents to be caused by drivers who are on the road longer than they are allowed to drive.

Early Hiring Helps

Having a truck accident attorney involved early in the case, particularly if there are injuries or a death in the accident is critical. This gives the attorney time to complete his or her research and to try to resolve the case without the need to go to court, speeding up the settlement and reducing your costs.