Spider Veins; How To Remove And Reduce The Chance Of Them Reappearing

Spider veins are when the blood flow is obstructed in a person’s blood veins and the tiny vessels raise to the top of their skin. They can be found in the hands or face of a person who suffers from spider veins in Chicago. Though, they are generally found in the individual’s legs especially located behind their knee. The bulging veins can cause discomfort for the person along with making them feel self-conscious. Luckily, Nd: YAG laser and Sclerotherapy are two non-surgical treatments that are available to help remove the unsightly vessels. Once removed and with the right maintenance, you can reduce the chance of spider veins reappearing on your body.

Five Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Spider Veins

1. A lightweight compression stocking can help provide support for your legs and reduce the chance of spider veins reoccurring.
2. You can prop your feet up to elevate your legs above your heart.
3. If you suffer from spider veins in Chicago, a great way to help minimize your risk of them reappearing is by lessening the pressure on your legs such as avoid sitting or standing too long and maintaining a proper weight.
4. Improve the circulation in your body by exercising your legs through walking or running.
5. Treatment methods such as Sclerotherapy and Nd: YAG laser can be used to help provide maintenance to your skin removing them as they reappear.

A Well-Established Clinic Can Help You have Smoother and Beautiful Skin Again

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