Why Use a Chlorine Free Pool Shock

When you own a swimming pool, it is essential you keep it well-maintained and sanitized. One of the primary ways this is done is by using a pool shock. If you would like an option besides chlorine for sanitizing your swimming pool, then you should consider the benefits offered by chlorine free pool shock. This is free from the harmful chemical that can cause damage and other issues.

Put Less Chlorine in the Pool

When you usually care for your swimming pool, the primary sanitizer is chlorine. This kills bacteria and serves as an oxidizer to eliminate any organic waste from the environment or bathers. When you use a chlorine free pool shock, you get the necessary oxidization for keeping the water clear, without excessive amounts of chlorine. This results in the chlorine sanitizer lasting longer, allowing you to use less throughout the swimming season.

Reduction in Skin, Nose and Eye Irritation

After getting into your swimming pool, have your eyes or skin ever felt irritated or burned? If so, this is the byproduct caused by the disinfection process. The combined chlorine, which is also referred to as chloramine, is created when big doses of chlorine are present to eliminate any organic matter that is present in the water.

With a chlorine free pool shock, you can remove the organic compounds before they have the chance to react and form chloramine. This reduces the cases of irritated and burning eyes and skin.

Maintain Crystal Clear Water

The chlorine free pool shock will ensure your swimming pool water stays clear and sparkling by oxidizing organic contaminates so the particles are able to easily combine into bigger pieces that are able to be removed by the filter. The shock renders these contaminants filterable, which helps improve the water’s clarity.

Elimination of the Chlorine Smell

One of the most well-known smells of a swimming pool is that strong chlorine smell, especially for indoor pools, which is the result of the chloramine. When you use a chlorine free pool shock, this smell is reduced, and often eliminated completely.

Shorter Treatment Period

Unlike the typical chlorine shock treatments, the chlorine free pool shock does not take hours to work or be effective. In fact, there are some options that will allow you to swim in your pool in just 15 minutes after application.

If you are looking for a better way to sanitize your pool, that minimizes health issues and other concerns, then a chlorine free pool shock may be just what you need. This offers swimming pool owners the ability to treat and swim in just minutes, while minimizing the health issues that typically goes with a chlorine shock treatment.