Rear Loader Garbage Truck- An Informational Guide

The garbage collection industry is easily one of the safest industries in the world. Compared to others, the market for garbage disposal is never going to shrink, at least not until man learns more efficient means of waste disposal. The world population is at an all-time high, and continues to increase rapidly. More people mean more waste. As a result, if you are running a waste disposal agency, your company’s books are likely to be in all black.

However, when starting a garbage disposal company, there are many things to keep in mind. The first and foremost thing to consider is vehicular equipment. You will have to buy garbage collection trucks. Now, there are many types of garbage collection trucks. Essentially, you could collect garbage in a conventional pickup truck and dump it at a landfill site. However, governments don’t allow that. There are certain rules. Garbage trucks must be completely covered to ensure that the garbage doesn’t drop off during the drive. Hence, the options are quite limited. A rear loader garbage truck is a very popular choice. Here’s what you need to know about it:

How does it Work?

A rear loader garbage truck has a very simple mechanism. It is a simple truck with a specialized mechanism fitted on it. They usually come in varying sizes (mostly six wheelers). Commonly, they have a body size of 25 or 32 cubic yards. The garbage truck has a specialized compartment and mechanism, called the rear loader, fitted at the back. This mechanism opens up to allow for the collection of waste.

Waste bins can be emptied within the compartment. This is then lifted into the waste compartment in the truck. The rear loader garbage truck usually requires at least two crew members at the back to help in the collection of the waste. The crew members must empty the waste bins. If the bins are large, the loader can be hitched to the bin for lifting and emptying it in the compartment. Once the waste compartment has been filled, the truck is then taken to the landfill. There, the hydraulics lift up the whole rear compartment and all the waste is emptied.

Is It a Good Choice?

The rear loader trash truck is an excellent choice for any garbage disposal company. They are frequently traded on the market (hence they have resale value). Furthermore, you can also get a lot of good quality parts for them. If maintained properly, the rear loader truck can easily last more than ten years. You can also get cheap new parts for the truck as well.