Why There Is a Demand for Residential Epoxy Floor Coatings in Seattle, Wa

Seattle homeowners who want durable flooring that provides a stunning effect choose an epoxy coating instead of conventional materials. Professionals who provide Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa offer clients a huge variety of products that can be used to create unique styles. Overall costs are less than most flooring. Homeowners who want to make responsible choices also opt for eco-friendly epoxy coatings.

Epoxy Is a Stylish Option

It is common to find eye-catching epoxy Floor Coatings in Seattle Wa homes decorated in sleek, modern styles. Owners choose epoxy coatings because suppliers can provide a variety of colors. Installers will create patterns, decorative touches and color combinations. In fact, they are able to design custom looks using epoxies. Completed floors often have a bright shine that makes spaces look more open. The style is often seen in urban lofts and new homes decorated in minimalist styles. Although finished surfaces can be hard and cool, owners usually compensate by adding plush area rugs that add interest and comfort. Many customers have variations of the coatings applied to areas like garages and work spaces. Epoxy floors resist chemical spills, are exceptionally hard, and easy to clean.

Epoxy Coatings Are Affordable

The initial cost to install epoxy flooring is comparable to quality wood floors. Unlike wood and other traditional options, epoxy lasts for decades with minimal attention. Surfaces are hard to damage and colors tend to stay true. Floors resist cracking, abrasion, staining, and fading. Homeowners save on maintenance costs because epoxy does not need to be waxed, steam cleaned or resurfaced. In fact, basic sweeping and mopping keeps surfaces in pristine condition.

Epoxy Is an Eco-Friendly Choice

Many responsible homeowners choose epoxy because it is environmentally friendly. Several types of epoxy are low VOC (volatile organic compound), meaning they produce few or no gases at room temperature. Choosing epoxy also eliminates the need to use natural resources like wood. Coated floors do not create the kind of waste disposal problems that occurs when carpets or vinyl materials need to be upgraded.

Homeowners who enjoy sleek, modern design styles often choose epoxy floor coatings. The choice saves them maintenance costs and effort. Epoxy is also greener than most products since it does not use natural resources or generate the waste associated with frequent flooring upgrades.