Why Professional Sump Pump Installation in Lewis Center OH is Beneficial to Homeowners

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Plumbing and Plumbers

A basement is the hardest area of a home to keep dry. Unless it’s tightly sealed and properly air controlled, moisture will somehow find a way to accumulate. In many newer homes, a sump pump is installed upon construction as a precaution. If torrential rains hit or nearby flooding occurs, the sump pump is there to keep the basement as dry as possible. Older homes are often not as lucky. Not only are they more susceptible to leaking, but very few also have a sump pump system in place unless the homeowner has had problems in the past. For individuals who run the risk of water constantly pooling in their basement, professional Sump Pump Installation in Lewis Center OH is the way to go.

Installing a sump pump may sound like an easy project to the average DIY handyman, but most older homes are not a properly set up for one unless the home was built in a moisture-laden area. If a sump hole does not already exist in a basement, one will need to be dug and chopping through the concrete floor is no easy task. A pump can function without this hole, but creating one is more beneficial since it acts as a collection point for the incoming moisture. Professional contractors, like those at Amanda Plumbing Sewer & Drain, have the tools and experience to install an entire sump pump system without creating any excess damage. They always pinpoint the perfect location within a basement to place the system so that it is the most effective. Their Sump Pump Installation in Lewis Center OH includes digging a sump hole, running pipe to the drainage system, and making sure the electrical supply meets all necessary code ordinances.

As reliable as a sump pump is, there are times that it may fail to work. In these instances, knowing that companies like Amanda Plumbing Sewer & Drain offer 24/7 emergency service is key. No one wants water to build up in their basement, especially if it threatens to damage electrical equipment, the water heater, HVAC unit, or structural elements. Every technician arrives in a fully stocked van which keeps them from having to leave the job unnecessarily. They work diligently to solve the problem and remove all excess water from the basement as quickly as possible. Quickly calling for service can prevent major losses and help homeowners avoid the headache of extensive insurance claims.

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