Why Lincoln Park Off-campus Housing Is Better For Students Than On-campus

Why Lincoln Park Off-Campus Housing Is Better for Students Than On-Campus

Living on campus while you are attending college may sound like a great idea. However, it quickly loses its appeal when it actually happens. There are plenty of reasons why Depaul off campus housing is so much better. Here are just a few.

Saves Money

Students generally think that on-campus housing is cheaper than living on your own because meals are provided, they are close to their classes, and there are other amenities provided. However, these things are not free. They are added into the cost, often at an inflated price. When you actually sit down and price things out, it is usually much cheaper to cook your own meals than to have them provided to you by the campus cafeteria. You also get to choose what you eat, how it is prepared, and can eat whenever you want. The added amenities often advertised as being a great deal are usually either under-used or never used, thus making them not such a great deal after all.

More Freedom

There are so many rules that campuses enforce as far as their living facilities that it can often seem like you are not an adult and that you are still living at your parent’s house. When you decide to live in Depaul off campus housing, you have all the freedom that you desire. You can come and go as you please as well as have company over whenever you want. If you are interested in living off-campus, contact Ion Lincoln Park today.