Three Effective Treatment Options to Lift Your Eyelids

Are your eyelids starting to sag? Droopy eyelids, also known as ptosis, are a common condition that is caused by a combination of aging and genetics. Whether ptosis is affecting your vision and comfort or just lowering your self-esteem, here are three effective treatments that can lift your droopy eyelids in Chicago.

Injectable Fillers

One of the first-line treatments for ptosis is injectable fillers. Filler is most commonly injected beneath the brow bone to fill in the natural fat pad that prevents the eye from drooping. Filler can also be used at the temples to lift the eye area.


Botox injections are another common and minimally invasive treatment for droopy eyelids in Chicago. Botox can give the appearance of a lifted brow when injected into the facial muscles, but the results only last for three to six months.

Plastic Surgery

If you want permanent results, plastic surgery is the best solution for correcting ptosis. Upper blepharoplasty, a procedure that removes the excess fat pads around the eyes, is the most common surgery for lifting eyelids. A forehead facelift can also improve droopy eyelids by smoothing and tightening the brow area.

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