Why is Propylene Glycol E Liquid So Popular Among Vapers?

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Nicotine Manufacturer

When buying vaping products, people get an option to select those made with a propylene glycol base or a vegetable glycerine base. The former is very popular for several reasons.

There are many myths surrounding the use of electronic cigarettes. Fortunately, thousands of smokers are now ex-smokers thanks to the healthier alternative offered by e-cigarettes. Here are some reasons why some prefer to use propylene glycol e liquid when purchasing their selected vaping supplies.

It Has No Flavour

Most people know that eliquids come in various flavours. If you love a certain flavour, there is a good chance there is a propylene glycol e liquid that gives you that flavour.

Some people have two or three flavours they regularly use. Others stick to just one. Some might have one or two favourites, although they are still happy to try some new ones whenever they appear.

If this base did have a flavour, it would come through when tasting the flavours of the liquids themselves. That would spoil the experience. Thankfully, this is not the case.

Thinner Consistency Makes Cleaning Easy

Regardless of which eliquid you use, you need to regularly clean your vaping equipment. Propylene glycol e liquid is far thinner than the alternative, vegetable glycerine.

Since cleaning is far from being our favourite activity, it makes sense to choose the easiest way to do it. This is the scenario with propylene glycol. Since it is thinner, it does not stick to the inside of the electronic cigarette components in the same manner vegetable glycerine does. Thus, users can enjoy a faster and more convenient cleaning method when selecting this type of eliquid.

The popularity of this eliquid base shows no signs of abating. That is good news for vapers and manufacturers alike.

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