Is Propylene Glycol E Liquid the Best Choice for Vapers?

When people begin vaping, they can choose from three options as a base for their e-liquid:

  • Propylene glycol
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • A mix of the two

There are many health advantages to stopping smoking. They begin within minutes of finishing the last cigarette too. These advantages can be obtained regardless of which e-liquid the vaper chooses. For some, though, propylene glycol e liquid is the best option. The following are some reasons why.

It is a Reliable Carrier

This means it carries both nicotine and any flavours added to the liquid far more easily than its VG counterpart. If this is an important feature for those trying to stop smoking, it is something to bear in mind. Since the PG base itself does not smell of anything, this is another element in its favour.

It Produces an Experience Closer to Smoking

Many people find it difficult to stop smoking because they miss the feel of inhaling the smoke. While no e-liquid produces an equal experience, propylene glycol e liquid gets closer to that feeling for the smoker. This is another positive element to consider for those looking for the ideal liquid to use when vaping.

No vaping experience is going to be identical to that of smoking. However, getting as close as possible while avoiding the many harmful aspects of smoking is a good target to aim for. Propylene glycol e liquid can help vapers be more consistent in their aim to quit smoking.

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