Why is Custom Duct Work Needed in the Home?

When installing a new heating and cooling unit, it pays to take a good look at the duct system. In some cases, the older system can be adapted to work with the newer one. At other times, there is the need to consider the installation of Custom Duct Work. Here are some situations that would call for the latter solution.

Additions to the Home

Since the last heating and cooling system was installed, the owner has made some structural changes. Along with adding a couple of rooms to the house, the owner also had the basement finished and converted into a den. Those spaces are not currently heated and cooled using the main unit.

As part of the upgrade, it makes sense to talk with the contractor about creating Custom Duct Work that will run to each of these additional spaces. Doing so will mean being able to get rid of those window units and space heaters, something that many homeowners will find worth the time and effort.

The Old Duct System Was Not That Great

Even though the square footage that must be heated and cooled is the same as before, the old system was not really put together all that well. In fact, the contractor feels the best approach is to rip out everything and create a design that is specifically for the home. This is in the best interests of the owner in the long run, since it will mean the ductwork will provide a steady flow of forced air to every room without the additional complications. In some cases, that new ductwork will ease stress on the new unit and generate additional energy savings.

The only way to know if the duct system needs to be replaced is to have the contractor from website domain take a look. If it will not make it possible to enjoy all the benefits provided by the new heating and cooling unit, it’s time to talk about making some changes. With a little help from an expert, it will not take long to come up with the ideal duct system design and ensure it provides the client with many years of reliable service.