What to Expect After Radiation Therapy in Riverhead, NY

While the tests confirm the tumor is malignant, the good news is that it has not begun to metastasize. Given the size and location of the tumor, the physician wants to try Radiation Therapy in Riverhead NY before making a decision about surgery. Here is what the patient can expect to happen during the course of the therapy.

Feeling Tired More Often

Radiation Therapy in Riverhead NY works by killing cells. Even though the radiation is directed at the location of the tumor, the treatments will also kill healthy cells in the area. As the series progresses, the patient is likely to notice a decrease in energy. The sense of being tired may be more pronounced in the afternoons, especially if the treatments are administered during the mornings. Remember that once the series is complete, it will not take long for that old energy level to be back.

Changes in Bowel Function

Some patients find that they experience changes in bowel function. Specifically, they notice that they are more prone to developing diarrhea. To some extent, dietary changes can help to offset some of the effects. Like the fatigue, bowel functions will return to normal shortly after the last treatment is administered.

Skin Irritation

It’s also possible to experience some type of skin irritation, especially in the area where the radiation is directed. Some people will notice red spots in the area. Others will find that the skin becomes dry and tends to flake. Others will find that the area itches. The physician can recommend skin care products that help to restore moisture and will not interfere with the efficacy of the radiation treatments.

Stomach Upsets

An upset stomach is not unusual, especially as the treatments progress. The feeling of being about to regurgitate can come on suddenly. In many cases, an over-the-counter product will be enough to soothe the stomach. Ask the radiation therapist for some recommendations of what to take to ease the queasy feeling.

When radiation treatment is recommended as a way to shrink or possibly eliminate a tumor, contact the team at North Fork Radiology. Rest assured the staff will provide the level of care needed to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible during the treatment series.