Why Installing a Washroom Hand Dryer Might Be a Great Idea

Washroom hand dryers have been around since the 1920s when they were first patented, but even now, almost a century later, there are still many washrooms that do not feature this novel, helpful invention.  That the presence of these devices has not yet saturated through all the bathrooms in the western world is intriguing considering the way hand dryers help to reduce paper waste, expense, and maintenance workload. Still, it is never too late to have one installed in your washroom, and doing so might prove to be a very smart thing to do.

Save On the Waste and Expense of Paper

If paper towels can be found frequently as an entry on your shopping list then installing a washroom hand dryer may be an important option for you to explore. Many people do not realize just how much money they spend on paper towels annually just for the sake of drying hands. In many businesses and households, the funds saved simply by installing a hand dryer can easily amount to thousands of dollar yearly.  This is not even to mention the effects paper towels can have on the environment. In addition to increasing the number of trees that have to be chopped down, these towels also cause landfills to fill up faster. Yet washroom dryers help these side effects to be avoided, keeping the earth a cleaner place to live all while enabling owners to save a lot of money.

Reduce Washroom Maintenance

Keeping the washroom clean and ready can prove to be a major chore, but this is one room that should always be ready to receive guests. Not only can it be frustrating to run out of paper towels in the washroom, but using these towels as the sole available method of hand drying causes the waste paper basket to fill up quickly. In a busy washroom, the use of paper towels demands frequent checking in order to ensure there is a plenteous supply, and that the garbage can is not filled and running over. Adding a washroom hand dryer, however, can help to reduce maintenance since it reduces the amount of garbage accumulated. Plus, a dryer never has to be refilled.

It seems odd that it is rare to find a person who does not have a smartphone, which is a fairly recent invention, but common to find a property without a washroom hand dryer, which was invented nearly a hundred years ago.  Those who want to catch up with modern times by having a dryer installed might be well to do so because of the way such a feature helps to reduce waste, save the environment, and lower maintenance.

Many people would be surprised to find out just how long ago the washroom hand dryer was invented, but there are still many washrooms in which this invention is not featured. The way that a washroom hand dryer can help reduce expenses and maintenance work makes them great to own.