Imagine Your Home With A Travertine Pool

No matter where you live in the United States, adding a custom designed pool to your property is an investment in your home. The material you choose for the pool as well as the deck and outdoor living area will increase that investment or it will have relatively little effect. A travertine pool, with its amazing beauty and incredible durability is definitely a choice which adds value.

Today, a travertine pool is not just a dream for many. Homeowners all over the country are turning their wishes for a pool into a reality though buying travertine from specialty suppliers. These suppliers, providing only travertine and marble products are able to import in volume, passing on the savings to their customers.

Choose Quality

If you have made the decision to have a custom designed travertine pool installed, it is essential to choose a top quality stone supplier. Your contractor may be able to provide you with a list of names of companies to consider, but a search online will also help you to find a top supplier.

Look for a company specializing in travertine and marble imports, and with inventory on hand to fill your order. This allows you to avoid the long delays in ordering that can be a problem when companies don’t have the pavers in stock.

Keep in mind you will need to choose both a paver as well as pool coping, which can be the same color of stone or it can be a contrasting or complimentary color.

Color and Selection

As a natural stone, there is an incredible variation in travertine pavers and coping for your pool and outdoor living space. It is not uncommon to find something unique in each tile, which is why this is such a popular option for upscale home renovations and custom home designs.

The color of your travertine pool can range from shimmering silvers with flecks of charcoal to amazing autumn colors of gold, shades of brown, and hints of yellows. More neutral colors such as elegant and cool ivories with patterns of off-white to light beige literally invite you to step out on the deck even on the hottest days of summer.

If you have always wanted a travertine pool, now is the time to get your project started. Shop around online and look at the travertine colors and options available, you will be amazed at the beauty and affordability of this natural stone.