Why Hire a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer in Portsmouth, VA

Financial conditions have become significantly worse for many people after the crisis of 2008. Thousands of Americans have had to declare bankruptcy since that time. Despite the fact that the economy has stabilized considerably, many Americans are still unable to land a decent job.

A person can legally declare bankruptcy if he or she is unable to pay off debts and outstanding bills. This can happen if you don’t have a reliable means of income or if your debts are greater than the funds and liquid assets available. Chapter 13 bankruptcy, also known as wage earner bankruptcy, can be declared if you wish to keep some secured property to yourself. In this case, you need to keep up with your payments; otherwise the banks might foreclose on the property. Hiring a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Portsmouth, VA is essential if you want a good outcome.

Detailed Guidance

One of the basic reasons why you should hire a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer is because they have experience in the field. They can guide you through the different forms you need to fill out and the complicated steps that you need to take. Professional guidance is necessary if you are about to declare bankruptcy. You need an experienced attorney by your side to help rearrange the debt payments. The lawyer will also assist you in deciding which properties you can keep under the settlement.


Chapter 13 is all about reorganization. It involves reorganizing your assets and finances while making sure you never repeat the same mistakes again. That’s why you need a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer; they have seen many cases like yours and they have the skill to remedy your poor habits. For a small fee, your lawyer will help you restructure your whole life in a way that will improve your financial approach in the future.