More and More Hospitals Are Buying Online: Here’s Why

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Cardiology Equipment

It’s undoubtable that when it comes to buying goods and services, the Internet has completely changed the world. From buying entertainment and media like magazines, movies and video games online, to procuring clothes, accessories and tech online – and even our very own groceries – modern-day ecommerce and the ease of use and functionality afforded to us by our smartphones makes the Internet the superior method of purchase for nearly anything.

But can the same be said for industry-specific, specialized medical equipment and refurbished patient monitors? Partly, yes. And in another, related manner, the Internet has completely dominated the path to purchase regarding modern healthcare providers. Here’s how, and here’s why:

The Internet Offers Information 24/7

The biggest benefit the Internet has to offer is free information. Through the Internet, medical equipment providers and quality refurbished patient monitors’ providers such as Jaken Medical can utilize content to spread the word and give industry-relevant data to potential clients and customers.

As such, these clients and customers, physicians and hospital managers alike, can research and find products without having to take the time or money to attend trade shows and conventions.

The Statistics Agree

As per the data from a comprehensive Google analysis of the state of the healthcare industry and its procurements of medical equipment online, the information gathering process in the path to purchase is entirely dominated by search, mobile, video and online medical sites. Over half of all survey respondents also rely on online resources to research equipment possibilities and vendors for products like refurbished patient monitors.

Comfort and Reliability, All in One

Ultimately, what makes the Internet so great for hospitals and clinics looking for a way to make the smartest financial decision is the fact that not only is it very easy to fact check sales reps and research information on the fly through smartphones, it’s also very reliable due to the wealth of knowledge and the strong reputation system by which search results online are filtered.

While it’s up to you where you decide to get your medical equipment, choosing the Internet for both research and purchase purposes can be a smart choice, especially when you decide to choose cost-effective equipment such as refurbished equipment, as per What Is.

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