Why Companies Use Silver Plating

Electroplating or plating has increasingly become a common procedure. Many manufacturing companies request this from electroplating or coating companies such as Professional Plating for one of several reasons. While the choice of metal used for the plating surface depends upon the substrate and the purpose, many electronic component companies often choose silver plating.

Industries Who Rely on Silver Plating

Several different industries prefer the abilities and qualities of silver plating. At ProPlate we are ready to handle the demands of even the most finicky client. Among them are:

  • Automotive companies
  • Electronics
  • Dinnerware
  • Jewelry
  • Medical devices producers
  • Telecommunications

In general, while silver deposits can range from matte to bright, most companies prefer matter deposits. These have greater solderability. They are also less brittle than bright silver deposits. Jewelry producers may be the exception. They opt for bright silver when appearance is of the most importance.

Silver plating is employed extensively in both the communication and medical industries. These companies turn to this procedure as a means of imbuing their products and components with specific qualities.

Why Choose Silver Plating?

Companies that use silver plating have done so deliberately. They realize completely the benefits and advantages that arise from employing silver as the surface or plating material. The jewelry industry plates pieces with silver to keep costs down low while providing a superlative item. The malleability of silver also factors significantly into this equation.

Yet, the reasons the medical and electronic industries select silver over other metals is not aesthetic. While the low cost of plating is an integral part of the overall decision to use silver, it is not the only or most significant one. Silver when applied to the substrate as a coating imbues the basis metal with prerequisite and desired, not to neglect regulated, characteristics or properties. The electronics industry turns to silver to provide their components with the following characteristics:

  • Highest electrical conductivity of all the metals
  • Highest heat conductivity
  • Lowest contact resistance
  • High corrosion resistance

Medical component or product manufacturers request silver plating from Professional Plating because silver is a toxin to various microorganisms including bacteria. Silver can also act as a lubricating agent.

Choosing Silver Plating

Today, the process of silver electroplating has become more the norm than not. Experienced companies such as Professional Plating employ the process for a wide range of clients. In particular, the electronic and medical industries specifically request it. Not only does it keep their overall costs down, it provides their components and instruments with the precise properties they need to make them comply to all the required specifications and regulations. Silver plating is, for them and the public, the best means of achieving what is both regulated and morally right.

If you are looking for an innovative, creative, experienced company, one that can provide you with the skills in copper, gold or Silver Plating you need, contact the professionals at ProPlate. As recognized leaders in the field of industrial electroplating, they can help you and your company discover the process you need to make your products compliant with government and environmental requirements.