Why Choose A Hearthwick Candle

Traditionally, candles are composed of some type of wax as well as a cotton wick. However, the Woodwick line of candles differs. They not only use a more environmentally friendly and healthier wax, but also a wooden wick. The company refers to this product as a Hearthwick candle.

Five Reasons for Choosing Hearthwick Candles

When it comes to selecting the best candle on the market, some automatically recommend Hearthwick candles. They explain their preference for Woodwick Hearthwick candles by referring to at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Sound: Wood wicks possess a very distinct sound, emitting a crackling when they burn. This is comforting to many who associate the crackling noise with the warmth of a bonfire or fireplace
  2. Sight: The shape of a Hearthwick candle is pleasing to the eye. The extra width of the candle permits the flame to appear larger and to dance brightly and warmly.
  3. Scent: Woodwick candles come in a variety of scents. The wood wick helps to release the fragrance with greater speed. The scent easily permeates the area
  4. Ambiance: Hearthwick candles create an ambiance. They can relax or stimulate the senses, according to the fragrance. The burning of the candle sets a scene
  5. Environmentally responsible: The Woodwick Company works hard to ensure every aspect from the wood wick to the packaging are environmentally responsibly sourced and produced

In addition, a Hearthwick candle burns more evenly than others do. They provide less soot or candle deposit while causing no issues commonly found with cotton wicked candles.

The Hearthwick Candle

If you want a candle that is easy to light, represents no health risk, and is visually and olfactory appealing, consider Woodwick Candles. Combining wooden wicks with specially blended fragrances and soy wax, they offer soothing scents and visual relaxation. Simply light a Hearthwick candle of your choice, sit back and revel in all it conjures up.